Rapert Applauds Biden Rebuke Over Business Vaccine Mandate

Vows to continue fighting on behalf of healthcare workers still affected

CONWAY, Ark. – Arkansas Lieutenant Governor candidate and State Senator Jason Rapert (R-Conway) today released the following statement on rulings by the United States Supreme Court blocking the Biden vaccine mandate on large employers while continuing the healthcare worker mandate:

“Today’s ruling is a victory for the Constitution and workers in Arkansas over Joe Biden’s recklessness and willingness to ignore the separation of powers.  I am proud of our efforts in the Arkansas legislature to protect workers who were being forced to choosebetween a shot and a paycheck and remind my colleagues in the legislature that this ruling presents us with an opportunity to do more.”

“Unfortunately, our state’s healthcare workers are still under the threat of losing their jobs—even if they have a religious objection.  I remind everyone how at the outset of the pandemic, our healthcare workers were considered heroes by many—including their employers.  I vow to continue to do all I can to protect healthcare workers, highlight their sincere objections, and hold their employers accountable. Our Constitutional rights, our freedoms and our liberties are for everyone in our nation – including healthcare workers too.”