Rapert Urges Governor To Put Heartbeat Bill On Special Session Agenda

Arkansas legislature ‘ready to pass’ pro-life law

CONWAY, Ark. – Arkansas Lieutenant Governor candidate and State Senator Jason Rapert (R-Conway) today released the following statement after Governor Asa Hutchinson announced a delay in convening a planned special session of the Arkansas General Assembly, attributing the delay—in part—to waiting for “Supreme Court guidance” in the coming weeks:

“We have the opportunity to save the lives of unborn Arkansans today, all the Governor has to do is call a special session of the legislature with the Heartbeat Bill on the agenda and we will pass it. We don’t need to wait on the U.S. Supreme Court for guidance – Arkansas people want to stop abortions right now. The opportunity to use this new legal strategy to stop abortions in our state is unique and we should take immediate action. The legislature is ready to pass this law and shut down Planned Parenthood in Arkansas.”

Earlier this year, the Texas legislature passed into law Senate Bill 8 that prohibits abortion once a fetal heartbeat is detected by a doctor but would limit government enforcement of any criminal charges.  Instead, the measure allows individual citizens the ability of filing suit against anyone who violates the law. 

On Monday, the Biden Administration asked the Supreme Court to place a hold on the law for a second time in as many months.  The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has so far allowed Senate Bill 8 to remain in effect.